Tips on how to make a foot spa

Your feet help you to maintain an excellent posture. Just to look good, you may wear high heels or narrow shoes, but at the end of the day, your feet suffer because of this fashion habit. Your feet may also undergo some pain after taking a long walk or running for a long distance, and they may need some pampering. A good foot spa is an excellent way of relaxing your feet and keeping them in good shape. Below are some tips that will guide you in making your own foot spa:

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water

Take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water then put some oil of your own ldefcfghvhgvjhviking and then mix it well. Peppermint is the best choice if you desire to revive your feet fully. On the other hand, lavender oil has a soothing effect on your feet while milk and almond soak can soften your feet. In order to acquire maximum benefits from this treatment, you should make a point of cleaning your feet well.

Soak your feet

After the first step, you should go ahead and soak your feet in the bowl for at least five minutes. But if you choose to put milk or almond oil in your bowl, you should ensure that you leave your feet in the bowl for 15 minutes.

Use a soft towel

After you are through with soaking your feet, remember to use a soft towel to dry them. Once you have dried them, you should remove any dirt from your toenails and then clip them.

Massage your feet

Massage your feet using a cream or rich balm. If you feel that the bottom of your feet is not smooth enough, you can utilize a hand-held foot rubber that has a rough surface to smoothen them further. You should pay more attention to cracks, peeling areas and warts on your feet when massaging your feet.

Use body lotion

Purchase your preferred body lotion or moisturizer and use on your feet. After you have utilized some lotion on your feet, they will smell good. If you plan to paint your toenails, you should wipe away the lotion with a quality polish remover. If you do not do so, you will make the lotion interfere with the nail polish.

Paint your toenails

dxdcftcghvghvhAfter you are done with all the steps mentioned above, the final step is to paint your toenails. All you need to do is to apply nail polish. To achieve a glossier finish, it is advisable to use a polish that will take some time to dry. After applying the first coat of polish, apply another coat that will dry quicker.